COUPON PACKS NOW AVAILABLE AT THE FRONT DESK: 10x60min($17) for only $150! (You get 80 minutes Mon-Fri before noon)


  • 2 floors, 54 stalls with automatic tees 
  • Up and Down button to customize tee height 
  • Individually sectioned off golf bays for more privacy and better temperature control 
  • Powerful overhead and floor heaters
  • Overhead fans in each stall 
  • Mosquito Zappers 
  • Personal benches on the second floor (Chairs on the first) 
  • 1 person per stall on the first floor, 2 person sharing allowed on the second floor 

A tip for our customers: 

During the early bird special hours at 21 Golf, our customers have the choice of hitting unlimited balls for a paid period of time, or the more traditional route of hitting a specific number of balls without a time limit.  The time option allows our customers to focus on their game without having to worry about how many balls are left.  On average, customers at 21 Golf hit 120 balls in 30 minutes and 200 balls in 60 minutes, so we believe the time option works best for anybody with a limited amount of time (pre-work practice, lunch breaks, post-work practice, etc..), those who want to share a stall, or those who want to get the most balls for their buck.  We recommend the ball option to our customers with more leisure time in the morning or those who do not want to have a time constraint.  

Check out “Facility Policy” at the bottom of the page for more information!